Aliza Stone, MD “FDA Cleared LED Pain Therapy Device for Home Use”


Aliza Stone,M.D.  
                        “FDA Cleared LED Pain Therapy Device for Home Use”

LED Light Therapy is a pure and natural way to relieve pain and diminish swelling while escalating your body’s natural healing ability without chemicals or medications. LED Pain devices deliver a cozy warm feeling and pain-alleviating light energy to the body temporarily relieving arthritic pain and the severity of muscle and joint pain including neck and back pain. An added benefit of LED devices is that they can help maximize blood circulation, increase the body’s healing process, and decrease healing time.

Assist your body in recovering itself.

Many people experience shoulder and other areas of pain, but very few get the same media attention as pro-athletes do. A U.S. company, Health and Beauty, Inc. and its partners have supplied numerous light activated devices to NFL, NHL, NBA, Pro-wrestling, Olympic and other professional sports teams to speed up recovery time and get the professional player back in the game. The benefits of light activated devices extends to Equine use with trainers and handlers utilizing the devices for most of the same conditions that humans experience.
The benefits of infrared light therapy aren’t exactly new. In a rudimentary form, Light Therapy was practiced by the ancient Egyptians who understood the way light effected the body and promoted healing. Over the years researchers have isolated the beneficial wavelengths of light and refined the delivery process to make it more targeted, easier to use and more effective in alleviating pain.
Many Doctors and physical therapists world-wide utilize infrared LED light therapy for a range of musculoskeletal ailments. Some of the applications of LED light therapy approved for the RelieveIR by the FDA include:
o          Temporary relief of muscle pain
o          Temporary relief of joint pain
o          Temporary relief of stiffness
o          Relaxation of muscles
o          Improved range of motion
o          Temporary increase in local blood circulations
o          Temporary relief of minor arthritis pain
o          Temporary relief of muscle spasm

It is even highly effective for facilitating wound healing and is currently undergoing clinical trials for that condition. It is customarily used for diabetics, who have a much prolonged and slower recovery rate from wounds and are at risk of evolving even more threatening infections.
At present, people afflicted with joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain and even arthritis can achieve a greater level of comfort through these infrared LED therapy devices. Technology has made them highly effective and convenient for private home use and they do not require the supervision of a doctor. LED pain healing devices such as the RelieveIR are FDA cleared as effective and suitable for home use. They are available at Bright Therapy and Health and Softlaser Plus websites.
In summary, LED infrared light therapy combined with the proper use can help the majority of people get rid of their pain more effectively.


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