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Lipo Laser with our Rvolution II Combi low level laser is suitable for all skin types

Our Evolution II is ideal for non-invasive lipo laser treatment for weight and inch loss

Our Evolution Laser for treating pain

The Evolution Pain Therapy lasers

aliza stone MD

The Health and Beauty Softlaser Plus

The Softlaser Plus for at home laser therapy for skin, wrinkles and more.

The Sl50 Softlaser for anti aging and so much more.

Our SL50 Evolution Laser is state of the art and has many of the features of our professional lasers

Dr. Julia Breur Ph.D. LMFT

Dr. Julia Breur Ph.D. is an expert in laser therapy research and regularly updates new applications for low level laser therapy.

The Omega Serries of laser

The Omega XP Series of low level lasers is FDA cleared for treating certain pain conditions.

Softlaser Plus home laser therapy device for wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, spider veins and more

The Softlaser Plus is our most advanced home laser therapy laser